We deliver exactly what
the brands needs,
not just what it wants.

We dropped the chip on our shoulder and left the comforts and charm of the big agency world in order to collaboratively work with our clients as a team. We want to understand the real-world problems of our clients and solve them in real time. We are an experienced, energetic and enthusiastic team of marketing and advertising professionals. With a heart of gold, we're people who've got the Midas touch when it comes to branding.

Our team works like clockwork in perfect synchrony to ensure many brands seamlessly communicate in their worlds. This is one of the reasons, you don't know us.

Our pillars of strengths include backing our creatives with a sound strategy, technological edge, seamless production and silent yet diligent effort.

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing landscape has gradually become large and diverse. We, at Kubera Communications, can pretty much cover everything that's digital, mobile, online or those bordering on online. So, whether you're starting from scratch or looking to grow your brand, we help you overcome challenges

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Media – Buying & Planning

As the digital ads and traditional ads begin to complement each other, it takes a seasoned team of experts to ensure your advertising is apt, creates enough waves, is relevant, and without much spillage. Our media buying and planning methods are meticulous as we define the audience to the tee.

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Creative Design

A picture can speak a thousand words and a mere word can evoke thousand emotions. And when these two blend in the perfect manner it creates effective communication with an impact in the audience's mind. Our team is adept in the art of transforming business ideas into strong communication.

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At Kubera Communications, we believe that below-the-line advertising provides ample opportunities for experiential marketingand creates lasting impressions. It allows a more high-touch experience where the TG can touch and feel the product and see it functioning.

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We conceptualize, create, and design winning communication strategies for our Brands. The only communication agency that understands and combines the power of Activation with editorial media; for simplicity, we prefer to call it PR activation, it is our proprietary tool that amplifies

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